The Diversity of Non Conformity by David Lester Young

The Diversity of Non Conformity

Let us join the wildness of our youth in the strength of breathing a new existence of expression.

Let me create the static to electrify
Setting free my wild spirit to ride the skies

Let me thunder in the words that roll upon you
To shake the foundation of norms

Horizons open up in your brilliance
To the colors of thoughts spreading across the heavens
In self expressions creating vivid displays

Shock the core of understanding
In the independence of creativity being reformed
In the colored hair of tomorrow's youth
Showing such enthusiasm as to be different

In the zeal to compose the music of another age
Create the wildness of our youth
Rebelling in the passion of uniqueness
Sending quakes of rebellion into the masses
Coming back into the fold to strengthen diversity.

So let excite the possibilities to stun conformity
Setting up the storm that will set us free
From the imprisonment of set patterns

Let us free our shackles that bind
To send our message across the universe
Before the static in us dwindles to nothing
But dust not worth mentioning

David Lester Young is also known as The Franklin Doppelganger. You can see him readings around Austin, TX.